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Wild land


The Talladh-a-Bheithe Wind Farm, multi-disciplinary, high experienced team UK based team has undertaken more than six years of studies to produce a carefully balanced project, designing the wind farm in a natural bowl on the estate – minimising and avoiding views of the turbines from residential areas around Loch Rannoch.

Wild land policy:

In June 2014, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) published a new map of ‘wild land areas’ and confirmed that this superseded the earlier SNH maps which identified 'Search areas for wild land' in 2002, and 'Core areas of wild land' in 2013. The TAB site lies within Wild Land Area 14 ‘Rannoch-Nevis-Mamores-Alder’, as set out on the ‘Wild land areas 2014 map’.

Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) states that within such Areas of Wild Land ‘development may be appropriate in some circumstances’ (Paragraph 215).

Furthermore, SNH set out within the advice note to the Scottish Government produced in relation to the ‘Wild land areas 2014 map’ (16th June, 2014) that ‘the particular characteristics and intensity of wildness that is found will vary across a wild land area and the detail of that variation may not always be picked up in a desk based analysis and broad brush approach we have used to defining these areas. Consideration of individual proposals and their potential effect on wildness and areas of wild land will require individual field assessment.’ (Paragraph 5.3).

Both SPP and SNH therefore clearly acknowledge that the ‘Wild land areas 2014 map’ does not illustrate exclusion zones for development, and that any development proposal within a Wild Land Area, such as the TAB proposal, such be considered on its own individual merits, informed by specific on-site assessment. This exercise should include a planning balance which appropriately considers both the positive and negative effects of a proposal, with regard to the overall policy context set out in SPP and the Local Development Plan.


It is considered, in terms of the Talladh-a-Bheithe proposal, that when this planning balance is undertaken, the scheme should be found to be acceptable.

We would encourage anyone with an interest in finding out more to view our details proposals found here.


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