A range of potential benefits that the project could bring to the area are being discussed with the local community.
These benefits reflect Scottish Government policy and good practice guidance, offering meaningful community involvement, and if appropriate, ownership opportunities to participate in a share of the project.
In addition, the project has committed to making an annual contribution of £5,000 per MW of installed capacity, equivalent
to approximately £375,000 per year (or £9,375,000 over the 25 year lifetime of the project), and to provide a binding undertaking to ensure that this is placed on the applicant or any subsequent parties with an interest in the proposed development.
There are unique opportunities for community ownership, in addition to the community benefit fund, should the project be consented. The Community Liaison Group is actively being encouraged to explore the potential models of community ownership, which include:

  • The community being a cooperative of the wind farm
  • Opportunities for co-investment through a community share offer
  • The establishment of a community green bonds initiative.

For further information please contact:
T: 0203 128 6321

Further resources regarding community benefit can be found on the Local Energy Scotland website.
The documents available include:
Shared Ownership Opportunities
Community Benefit Guidance


Further information

T: 0203 128 6321